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GF: Florian Scheuer

VAT Number: DE298975446

Register: Amtsgericht München

HRB: 217168


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Design: Team Hula

Programming: Florian Scheuer



1. Entrance to the festival will only be permitted with a valid ticket. The resale of purchased tickets is permitted for the same price only. Monticule GmbH reserves the right to deny admission. In this case, the Festival visitor will have the right for reimbursement of the ticket, unless the denial of the entrance is well founded. Any further claim for damages is excluded, unless the organizers acted with gross negligence or with intent. Entrance to the festival site is only permitted with the festival wristband. The guest will receive the ribbons in exchange for a valid ticket at the entrance.


2. In the case that the event is canceled before it begins, you will be offered a refund the face value of the ticket. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the Festival for any reason within our control. Any further claim for compensation is not accepted. The event will take place regardless of the weather, as long as it is not life threatening. Should this be the case, the event will be canceled immediately. If the Festival is cancelled due to any reason outside of our control, misconduct of festival goes, as well as official orders or court decisions we reserve the right for any compensation.


3. The festival visitors are aware that music festivals represent an environment with a high noise level. The Festival organizers shall take the necessary precautions in order to prevent permanent hearing or health damage. Nevertheless, the festival visitors are strongly advised to protect their hearing or health with the use of earplugs. The festival visitors are attending entirely at their own risk. The organizers can not to held liable for any hearing or health damage due to the festival visitors lack of preparedness, unless the unless the organizers acted with gross negligence or with intent.


4. Claims for damages against the organizers due to negligence are not accepted. This also applies to its legal representatives or its agents. This regulation does not cover damage due to injury of the body, life, health, and in cases of gross negligence or intent of the organizers (except the 2nd point), or due to the breach of contract. Whereby in this case the claim for damages is limited to compensation for the foreseeable typical damage. Further liability shall be excluded.


5. It is prohibited  to bring any of the following to the event; any kind of glass containers, cans, plastic bottles, own food, hard packages, cooler bags, other heavy containers, flares & fireworks, weapons of any kind and other dangerous objects. The security personnel has been instructed to carry out a body searches. With the purchase of a ticket you agree to these terms and conditions. We may refuse entry or evict you if you are behaving in a disorderly, offensive or inappropriate manner, or if you breach the  Entry Conditions. In such cases refunds will no be provided.


6. All audio and/or visual recordings of the Festival are prohibited, other than recordings only for private purposes, and not public display (including social media) or for commercial purposes.  You cannot use any kind of drones or similar to make recordings. Generally recordings of any kind are prohibited without the explicit permission of the organizers or an artist and publication of such recordings will be prosecuted.


7. The organizers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the Festival for any reason within our control. In this case, we reserve the right to announce this up to a week before the event. We reserve the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute artists and may vary advertised programs, prices, venues or seating arrangements. No refunds will be made in this case.


8. Should you have the permission to park a vehicle on the festival grounds, you do so at your own risk. The organizers cannot be held liable for damage or theft, unless they acted with intent or gross negligence .


9.Neither we nor the venue will be responsible for any loss or damage to the property (including personal property such as bags, money or other personal items) you buy or bring to the Festival.


10. Any commercial actions on the part of the festival visitors are prohibited without prior written consent of the organizers.


11. Terms and conditions apply on the whole festival grounds and will be exercised by the organizers and third parties as commissioned.


12. The so-called stage diving, crowd surfing, climbing onto the stage, trusses or the like is prohibited. Such misconduct can lead to eviction from the event.


13. Youth Protection


13.1 . On the festival grounds, the provisions of the law on protection of minors in the public apply.


13.2 . Children and adolescents under 18 years of ages are not allowed on the festival grounds.


14.You agree that we can collect and keep personal information about you including your name, address, credit card or payment details, telephone number and the names of all ticket allocations. We may need to disclose your personal information as required by law or as permitted under the Privacy Act. If you wish to object to the use of this statements as a whole, just notify us under:


Monticule GmbH

Am Rudolf-Widmann-Bogen 5c

82319 Starnberg



15. Animals are not allowed on the festival grounds.


16. Beverages on the festival grounds will be sold in plastic cups only, for which a deposit will be charged.


17. By entering the festival grounds you consent to be included in any film and/or sound recordings of the Festival or its surrounds and for these recordings to be used by us.


18. If any provision is invalid, the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Instead of the invalid clause will be turned into  the statutory scheme.